At the time of switching on, the indicative light does not work

①. The power supply may not be well connected

②. The projector main switch is not turned on

③. Did not press the power button

Pressing the power button on the remote control does not turn on the projector

①. The remote control batteries are empty

②. The signal between the remote control and the IR sensor is obstructed

③. Strong direct light on the IR sensor?

No image on the screen

①. Is the channel setting correct?

②.Have you choose the corresponding signal source input signal? (AV, PC-RGB, HDMI, USB)

③. Is the input cable inserted correctly or is it in the wrong position?④. In PC mode the refresh rate is> 75KHz?

The projection picture is blurry and unclear?

①.Whether keystone correction?

②.Whether the focus is adjusted?

The image works but there is no sound

①. Are the input cables connected correctly?

②. Volume at minimum or silent

③. Check that the audio format of the video is in the supported list

Turns off automatically after being turned on for a while

①. Is there a barrier around the fan?

②. Small or large voltage fluctuations

③. Check the overheating protection system(Shut down and wait for 10 minutes to recover)

Can not find devices connected with hard drives or flash drives?

①. Re-insert the device

②. Check if the device is working

③.Whether select the signal source "USB"

Unable to play video

①. Is the video format correct?

②. The file is corrupted?

③. The device is damaged Connection device

No sound?

①. Due to copyright issues, this projector not support Dolby sound. If there is no sound when playing videos like Netflix, turn off Dolby sound on your connected devices or apps. (Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital (OFF);

②.If no sound when you connect to DVD, please choose "PCM" sound input mode to ensure the sound working.

③.Are the input and output cables connected correctly? Press the "S" on the projector's reomte control and select the signal sounce: AV  Please check the format of the playback file.

The following formats are compatible with this product.

Video compatible: MPG, AVI, TS, MOV, MKV, DAT, MP4

Audio compatible: MP3, WMA, AAC

Image compatible: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG

In the case of USB memory, FAT32 can be recognized, but exFAT does not recognize it.

④.The projector can only read the MP4 video format in USB Key. If you want to play AVI, MKV, WMV video, connect the computer to the projector for playback.

press the M (Menu) button on the remote control, then press the ► button for "Audio Settings", and then select the audio source.

There are three sound sources:

A: Normal: In this mode, all devices can emit sound

B: Speaker: In this mode, the projector will not make any sound

C: Sound: In this mode, only the projector makes sound

How to connection devices?

①. Connecting a PC: Use the supplied VGA cable to connect the PC to the projector and turn on the projector and the computer.

②. Connecting a smartphone (Android system): Note: check if your Android phone supports MHL function.) Connect the projector and the Android smartphone with the MHL-HD-MI cable then Choose the signal source: "HDMI"

③. Connecting a iPhone: Connect the projector and iPhone with Lightning to HDMI cable and choose the signal source: "HDMI"

④.Connecting a DVD: Use the supplied AV cable to connect the DVD player to the projector and turn on the projector and DVD player.

⑤.Connect the soundbar: Use the supplied AV cable to connect the soundbar to the projector and turn on the projector and the sound bar.

How to ceiling?

①. Open the 4 buttons on the back of the projector and use the M4 * 10mm screws to hang the projector on the stand.

12. Noise?

①.High Fan speed setting: you can reduce noise by changing the fan speed 1) High fan speed OFF2) High fan speed activated

Why does some lag / jerky appear when playing video or play games?

①.Due to the technical bottleneck of the current 1080p projectors, most of 1080p projectors on the market cannot smoothly play 1080p/60fps videos. Hope you could understanding. Please change the 1080p/60fps to 1080p/30fps.