Who We Are

Yaber is a world-renowned entertainment projector brand that creates immersive cinematic experiences for everyone.
Founded by Vicent in 2018, Yaber entertainment projectors are distinctive and innovative in the industry, and have earned the trust and love of consumers.
Yaber entertainment projectors not only deliver the ultimate performance, but also excel in product design. The most notable example is Pico T1, which has won the 2023 Red Dot Design Award and The Best OF IFA 2022 Awards.
Yaber entertainment projectors have captivated over 46 countries with their simple beauty, and the number is still growing. We are the best sellers on Amazon and also partner with BestBuy, SoftBank and other channels worldwide.

What Does Yaber Stand for?


A modern, dynamic approach to life that values innovation and creativity.


Pioneers high quality audio and video for the best movie, music, streaming videos and gaming, etc. 


Curated for the best clarity and visibility for whatever you're watching.


Designed with a home aesthetic in mind, with the harmony and balance of clean lines and a sleekstyle.


Dependable, trustworthy, and consistent in performance and quality.

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What Makes Yaber Different

Our dedicated research and development team is well-experienced, and many of the products we designed are well received by consumers.
With a global outlook, our international team builds products suitable for every lifestyle. We are committed to bringing consumers better entertainment projectors and experiencing the joy of smart home.

Our Vision & Mission

As a leader in the entertainment projector industry, our mission and vision is to demonstrate to the world that entertainment projectors can deliver the beauty of the big screen both indoors and outdoors.