What's More Than A Projector Is ...

What's More Than A Projector Is ...

What kind of life experience will a Yaber V6 entertainment projector provide you and your family?

According to the tells shared from a V6 projector user @Mr.Bouvet we invited. He bought two Yaber V6 projectors, one for himself and his family, another for his mother. Keep reading to know how the V6 projector satisfies their needs.

"Every time I see her rubbing her eyes, I am particularly worried about her vision problems". "My son Romain, 5 years old, usually has language classes with tablet, also likes to watch TV. Romain often rubs his eyes, especially at night. Then I realized that the light from those electronic product screens hurt his eyes a lot. After searching the info on the LED light source projector, I compared several brands based on cost and performance. I decided to choose Yaber. I found that he rubbed his eyes less than often."

"I wanna bring more convenience to her life". "My wife Jenny and I usually record our family life by taking photos and videos.One day when I went back home, I saw Jenny sitting on the couch, she looked at the photos of our wedding, watched the videos of Romain learning to walk. Many of my memories rose on my brain. She carefully enlarged those photos, every one of them. It seemed that the bigger she put it, the more she could deep into it. She was really cute, uhh? I took out the V6 entertainment projector, 200" screen let us enjoy so much in our memories. The photo projection and video play were realized by screen mirroring and were directly controlled by her smartphone. That was truly convenient."

"Of course, it brings a lot of laughter to our home". "Every time I take out the V6 projector, Romain is very excited to run to me and ask me which film will be played today. Ah, yah! We have family movie time every Sunday afternoon, about 2 hours, watching cartoons or nature exploration documentaries together. Romain likes to stand in front of the screen, letting the light from the V6 project on him, pretending to be in the world of video. Sometimes he mimics the roles from the cartoons, he really makes me and Jenny can't stop laughing."

"So we also bought a V6 entertainment projector for my mum". "We gave a V6 projector to my mum as a Christmas gift last year. When we were making the Christmas gift plan, we considered the budget. The V6 projector is the most cost-effective and practical gift that Jenny and I can  think of. It has brought us a lot of joy, and we hope my mum could also enjoy it."

 Advantages of Yaber V6 Entertainment projector
1080P Real Native Resolution
Latest WiFi Wireless Screen Mirroring
Bluetooth 5.0 Connecting To An External Speaker
4-Point Keystone Correction

For Mother's Day coming next month, Let's prepare a present for your mum. Follow us on Yaber official Facebook page, you may find special offers a week before Mother's Day. :)

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