What do you need to know before buying a projector?

What do you need to know before buying a projector?

We are generally used to watching movies and TV programs with large-screen TVs or with electronic products such as cell phones and tablets. Compared to the blue light produced by electronic products that shoots directly into the eyes and thus causes damage, projectors are projecting light sources onto the screen and then into the human eye through diffuse reflection, which can greatly reduce the impact of light on human vision. The use of projectors can save our eyesight.

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I believe that many friends will definitely have a headache when they see various technical terms in the process of purchasing a projector. If you are not a professional or a technology lover, how can you judge whether these parameters are good or bad? Don’t worry, I will explain them for you below. The most easy-to-understand pre-purchase parameter popularization is guaranteed to be understood at a glance.

What are the types of projector?

There are many types of projectors on the market, which can be divided according to the use environment, and can be divided into business projectors, home projectors, portable projectors, pico projectors, outdoor projectors and so on. The knowledge of display technology is relatively professional. At present, the commonly used projector display technologies on the market include DLP and LCD display technologies. DLP will have better effects and can be used in various scenarios. The technology contained in the technology is also relatively high, the picture performance is better, but the price will be much higher. LCD display technology is also divided into single-chip LCD and 3LCD, and LCD projectors are much more cost-effective. Customers has to choose what kind of projector according to their own budget.

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What do the dizzying-sounding terms mean?

ANSI Lumen

To know brightness, look at lumen value. Lumen value let you know how much light a projector can put out. Generally, the higher the lumen value, the higher the brightness of the projector. ANSI lumens are the international units used to measure brightness. Usually, we look at ANSI lumens when purchasing a projector.

Display Resolution

The display resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. Display resolution is a very important aspect for a projector.  If most of the content you see from your projector is in high definition, then try buying a high-resolution projector, but normally, a 1920×1080 display resolution is quite enough for general users.


Compared with brightness, contrast cannot be ignored either. Contrast refers to the ratio between the black and white parts of an image. High contrast makes whites whiter and blacks darker. Simply put, you can see more details hidden in the dark. Even if your projector has amazing lumen ratings, but low contrast, your projected picture will look It also feels faded.

After knowing this information, will you feel more confident when purchasing a projector? I hope you can choose a projector you like and enjoy the happiness it brings you!

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