How to Remove the Lens Cap of Yaber Projector?

How to Remove the Lens Cap of Yaber Projector?

Remove the projector’s lens cap is not difficulty, normally you can take it off easily, but sometimes things not go as you wish especially when you have short fingernails. We received some emails and comments from our customers about this question, so we decide to write this blog for your information, in case you have this problem too.

yaber v6 projector with cap
There is a easy way to remove the cap: scroll up the focusing ring and let the lens push the lens cap out.

If it's too tight, use some gadgets, such as a spoon, put the end of the spoon against the groove of the focus ring, and push it hard, then you can easily remove the lens cap~

Pretty easy right? If you have more questions please contact us or join in our Facebook Group to get instant answer!

Love you guys~

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