Projectors Are Better for Your Eyes

Projectors Are Better for Your Eyes

---World Health Day

In this era of the rapid development of information technology and the widespread use of electronic products, both adults and children are very easy to indulge in the virtual world created by electronic products. Wonderful movies and TV series, non-stop various ball games will make your eyes looking on the TV screen for hours, which is very harmful to eyesight. How to avoid this problem? Today is World Health Day, let’s talk about it!

  1. Eat Foods rich in vitamin C, these foods strengthen the carotenoids in your eyes and preserve the sharpness of your vision.
  2. Take breaks from your screen! Take a short break from your computeror TV screen now and then to save your eyes from being strained, and prevent fatigue, irritation, and dryness. If you are unsure when to take a break, follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes you should take a break and look at an object 20 or more feet from you for 20 seconds. This will help preserve your eyes over long amounts of screen time. 
  3. Choose a projector over a TV. Do you know that projectors are way better for your eyes compare with televisions? First, let us compare the light-emitting principles of the two! Nowadays, the vast majority of TV sets are "LED-backlit LCD TVs", which directly stimulate human eyes with RGB-LED backlight, so we call it direct light. The projector emits light through an RGB-LED light source and then the light projected onto a curtain or wall, so the projected image is reflected light. In other words, when we watch TV, we stare directly at the light source, and when we look at the projected image, we are looking at a reflection. Another crucial reason is the image size. Projector can project a way bigger image than a TV screen. Projector screens generally range from 80’’ to 150’’ and can come much bigger, which make a TV screen looks like a stamp on the wall. Don't let your vision stay in a small area will make your eyes more relaxed.
  4. Connecting with projector when you watching things on your phone. As the reason mentioned before, don’t getting too concentrated on your phone, that little box will harm your eyes. There are numerous models of projector can connecting with your phone just via WiFi, so it’s a good choice to watching thing from projectors other than your phone.

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