How to Set Up Projectors Properly

How to Set Up Projectors Properly

You got your projector? Cool! Next thing you may curious about is how to get a nice and massive image from your new gadget.

First thing to do is unbox everything and make sure you received all the parts and cables in the package list. Then just have a little bit patient, sit down and read the product manual, there’s something you’ll happy to know. After all this, you can officially start!

Find a Proper Location

You need to figure out where will you put your projector. It needs enough space for the projector itself and a space for the screen, or a white wall. Keep in mind that projector has a best projection distance, if it’s too close, the image will be too small, if it’s too far, the image will be too dim. Don’t forget the cables, you need to save some space for all the cables. After you decide where to get the image shows, the next thing should be taken into consideration is where to install your projector. The projector can be hanged on ceiling with special hanger frame, or placed in the stable desk. Keep the projector at a height where its lens is axial symmetry to the screen. The recommended projection distance is about 10 ft, different model got different recommended distance, so it’s better read the manual first.

Setting Up

Now it’s time to connecting! Power cord first, of course, after press the power key, the next thing is connecting the external device (smart phone, ipad, TV, etc.) in the corresponding interfaces of the projector, if you not select the correct source, the projector will not be able to detect the signal. Some projectors don’t support wifi connection, you may need Anycast or Chromecast. When using the projector for the first, it normally displays an unclear image, this is due to the lens being out of focus or the incorrect trapezoid setting, you can follow the steps in manual to correct.

Usually, projectors require a dark room to look their best, so just pull the curtain together or turn off the lights, relax yourself in your personal movie theater. Don’t forget your popcorn!

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