How to Remove Little Black Spot from the Screen

How to Remove Little Black Spot from the Screen

[for Y21 Y31 Y60 Y61]

It’s a frustration when the image from your projectors got small black spots, constantly being interrupted by those little freckles will likely make you lose interest in your home cinema. So why those black spots appear and how to deal with it?

We need to understand that the household appliances that you usually have, such as televisions, computers, central air conditioners, etc., are equipped with a cooling fan, so dust in air is very easy to get in from here. Those dust sticked on the external lens or the internal LCD which caused black spots appear. The probability of projectors getting dust in is very high, no matter what kind of technical projector is used, the disadvantage is there, a lot of dust will accumulate after a period of use, which leads to the reduction of the actual function of the machine.

clean suit

For our Y21, Y31, Y60, Y61, there’s a cap in the bottom of projector, you could put the projector upside down and remove the cap carefully. In order to locate the dust more easily, the projector can keep projecting. Use a swab stick into the projector and wipe the lens gently, you could check the image at the same time to see if the dust removed. Another way is use a hair dryer, just select cold wind mode and blow the lens for a few seconds, normally the dust will be removed, if you use this method, better turn off the projector. Here is video shows how to use hair dryer to remove the dust: Click Here.

Move away the cap

If black spot is still on, then the reason that caused the black spot is not dust. please just contact us via:  / Our customer service center will help.

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