What is a projector?

What is a projector?
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A typical projector is about the size of a toaster and weighs only a few pounds. But unlike a toaster, a projector provides convenience for those who want to display computer data or television images on a large, flat surface.

Using a projector, you will be able to show movies, videos, pictures, business presentations and other displays to a large group of people. A projector works similar to an inverted camera by distributing the light from the lens rather than receiving it. As a result, projectors allow you to create large images with ease. In addition, the projector is very portable, ensuring that you can take it with you and use it for a variety of mobile applications.

In this article, we will focus on digital projectors, i.e. projectors that have video input capabilities, such as a TV, DVD or computer player.

Digital projectors are generally divided into four categories, by function.

Home Theater - These high resolution HD and 4K projectors are used in home theaters and entertainment centers. Yaber is a well known brand of home projectors. We offer consumers a variety of home projectors in various resolutions and shapes to bring a theater-like experience to your home.

Multimedia - Multimedia projectors are typically capable of projecting text, data, images, video and audio content from a variety of sources such as computers, Blu-ray/DVD players, USB devices, ensuring that you can display a wide range of audio/video content.

Large Venues and Fixtures - As the name implies, these high brightness projectors are suitable for medium to large settings, including museum exhibits, art exhibits and lecture halls.

POCKET - Also known as "micro" projectors, these ultra-portable devices work with cell phones, digital cameras and other typical A/V sources, allowing you to display digital images on a nearby surface. Yaber have also recently launched a crowdfunded "micro" projector, the Pico T1, which will be available to a wider range of consumers later.

It is important to note that not all projectors fit perfectly into these categories. For example, home theater and multimedia projectors often include many of the same features and functions. But in this case, how will you determine the right projector for you?

To determine the best projector for a particular application, you need to consider your setup. If you are looking for a projector for your home entertainment center, you should check out the devices available under the home theater category, which can be found by clicking Yaber and taking a look at Yaber's many home projectors. By contrast, if you need a projector for a university lecture hall that can seat hundreds of students, you will need a projector for a large venue fixed installation. Finally, if you need a projector that you can take anywhere with you, then an ultra-portable projector or pocket projector will serve you well. 

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