Playing games on Yaber 1080p Projector!

Playing games on Yaber 1080p Projector!
In the video, we experienced playing games on the Yaber V10 projector and Yaber V6 projector.

If you also want to replace your computer or TV with a projector to play games, this video may helpful for you.

>> High-definition smooth projection picture:
The two games we have experienced are both at around 60 frame rates. You can see that there is almost no delay and the screen is not affected under normal ambient light, and the colors are bright. It performs better in an almost dark environment.

>> The huge screen gives you an immersive gaming experience and more freedom, and you can also call your friends to share the joy.
You don't need to move the screen or change your posture, and you will not be affected if you are fully engaged in the game. If you have friends to have couch gaming together, that would be great!

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