2022 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

2022 Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is approaching, are you thinking about how to decorate your house? 

If you want to decorate your windows, front yard, put some traditional decorations such as jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and some monsters such as various giant spiders, or the most hassle-free curtain ghosts. That would of course be nice, however, now there's an easier way than ever for you to scare people. We'll give some tips on how to use a projector to make Halloween more fun and interesting.

Decorating with a projector is easier to set up and doesn't require much material or prep work. And they're safer, with no decoupage, glue accidents, or paint spills.

Yaber Halloween decoration ideas. A moving ghost is projected by a projector on the wall.

The most important thing is that the picture projected by the projector can be more vivid than the physical version. A translucent ghost moving around your window looks scarier than a standing skeleton. So what do you need to achieve this effect? We recommend using a projector to create the illusion in different locations around the house or apartment. Of course, any projector can produce this effect, but to save money, you can choose some budget projectors, and Yaber makes some very cost-effective projectors.

We can pick up some short clips of  moving ghosts or monsters on the web and store them on a USB stick, which can then be transferred to the projector via a convenient USB port. A Yaber V5 may meet your needs. Or, some good projector has the function of WiFi connection, such as Yaber Pro V8, you can directly connect the projector with your mobile phone, and then play the content on the mobile phone.

Lastly, you'll need to find something to let the image projected on, light-color curtains or bed sheets are great options from an effect and budget standpoint, or any translucent material that can be hung in a window or yard. Never use a dark or thick materials, which will block or absorb projection, reducing the visibility of the picture.

Yaber V10 on a desk, the background is Hogwarts Hall in Harry Portter projected by a projector.

Halloween is a big celebration of life, try a new way to decorate this year. Happy Halloween everyone!

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