Yaber Pico T1 Projector Wins Best of IFA 2022 Awards

Yaber Pico T1 Projector Wins Best of IFA 2022 Awards
IFA 2022 wraps up in Berlin, Germany, after attracting exhibitors and consumers worldwide. As the world's slimmest and most portable home entertainment projector, the Yaber Pico T1 is the highlight of IFA 2022. It also wins Yanko Design-Best of IFA 2022 and Techaeris-Best of IFA 2022. Leica, a world-renowned imaging brand wins the same award.
Yaber mini projector wins best of IFA 2022 Awards
Leading as an innovator in appearance and functions, Yaber brings the best. Yaber Pico T1 is the slimmest and most portable projector at just 13.1mm, which is a super thin 0.52 inch. Designed to provide the highest-quality images, the Yaber Pico T1 packs a lot of power into a device that is the convenient size and weight of a smartphone, similar to an iPhone.

As the most anticipated ultra-thin and portable projector in 2022, it weighs only 150g. This makes it an ideal "grab and go" projector that fits comfortably into pockets or a backpack, giving all-day power in a slimmer device. You can experience the fun of projection outdoors anytime, anywhere. The Yaber Pico T1 is also available on Indiegogo now- adding to the excitement.

Yanko Design is dedicated to covering the best in international product design. Techaeris is an independent tech media outlet working hard to be the new source for tech news and reviews. Both are award-winning publications covering the best in design, architecture, automotive, sustainability, innovation & tech.

As SlashGear mentioned, consumers love that the Pico T1 is small enough to fit in a pocket. The market for pico projectors has now started to grow and the Yaber Pico T1 is the latest attempt to win the pico projector crown.

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