Portable Cinema: Yaber’s New Mini Projector Stops Screen Mirror Lag

Portable Cinema: Yaber’s New Mini Projector Stops Screen Mirror Lag

YABER, the innovative projector brand that focuses on bringing cinema-quality images and entertainment straight to the home, unveiled the game-changing V5 Mini Projector today. The YABER V5 Mini Projector is the first Mini Projector on the market to solve the problem of smartphone screen mirroring lag and delays using its advanced technology.

YABER, as a market leader in the entertainment projector industry, previously set a new precedent for picture quality with its highly successful V3 projector featuring innovative display technology. With the launch of the YABER V5 Mini Projector, YABER makes projecting high-quality videos using smartphone screen mirroring a streamlined and effortless experience for the whole family.

“We believe that continuous research brings life-changing innovation,” said Vicent, CEO at YABER. “The YABER V5 Mini Projector continues our market-leading promise to deliver a superior level of image quality. Our latest technological breakthrough now supports higher wireless streaming rates, allowing our customers to mirror their smartphone’s screen easily and smoothly, no matter if they are sharing photos, watching fast-paced movies and sports, or playing the latest action games.”

YABER’s V5 Mini Projector offers the greatest portable cinema experience due to the V5’s compact size, with a net weight of less than 1 kg. Consumers can now bring immersive entertainment wherever they go.

Key Features of YABER’s V5 Mini Projector include:

  • The ultimate solution to screen mirroring delays with its advanced 5GHz/2.4GHz WiFi dual-band technology that supports higher wireless streaming rates to ensure smoother and stutter-free transmission;
  • Over 80% brighter images than any other Mini Projector available, providing crisp, cinema-quality visuals even when outdoors;
  • Full 1080P HD and 4K image support, enhanced with a state-of-the-art German jade glass lens that makes images even clearer;
  • An immersive viewing experience through Giant Screen technology that projects images from 45” to 250” in size, which is almost half the size of the famous Hollywood Sign;
  • It features the powerful X/Y Digital Zoom function that allows remote image size adjustment, shrinking the image size from 100% to 50% without having to move the Mini Projector;
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology is built-in to seamlessly connect with any Bluetooth headsets or speakers.

Pricing and Availability

The YABER V5 series will retail for $139.99 with an additional $20 off coupon and is immediately available directly via YABER and major retailers, including Amazon.


YABER is a world famous entertainment projector brand founded by Vicent in 2018, dedicating to providing innovative entertainment projectors and creating perfect and immersive audio-visual experiences for everyone.

Currently, YABER entertainment projectors are available in over 46 countries around the world. Every year, nearly 1 million individuals and families enjoy the happiness that YABER entertainment projector creates.

Being a pioneer in the entertainment projector industry, YABER continuously produces innovative and excellent entertainment projectors, creates and leads a better lifestyle, brings the chance of getting closer to people around.

YABER entertainment projectors are widely used in different scenarios, i.e., home movie night, backyard party, outdoor activities, and video gaming, etc.

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