Yaber Projector V10

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Emerald Lens & Artistic Design

V10 uses a large emerald lens with high light transmission and high refraction. New refreshing outer space style design makes it unique. With ultra-high brightness and ultra-fine contrast ratio, the V10 projector is definitely the unity of artistic design and high performance.

Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1

V10 uses the most advanced bidirectional Bluetooth technology to connect not only to other Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets, but also to mobile phones and computers to become a delicate Bluetooth speaker.

Stronger 5G WiFi Signal

V10 can freely mirror movies/videos/photos/games from devices that support Miracast to the big screen wirelessly via WiFi. It uses an advanced 5G WiFi module, which is 300% faster in information transmission than other products with 2.4G WiFi modules. Farewell to screen freezing and enjoy super-large picture immersively!

Quality Ventilation System

V10 is equipped with two sturdy anti-oxidation metallic brackets that not only protect the body, but also improves the height the projection point. Yaber's latest large air duct technology increased the heat dissipation efficiency of the machine by 40%.

4 Point Keystone Correction

V10 is equipped with the most popular 4 Point keystone correction function on the market, you can even try irregular shape projection and get rid of previous limitations. Of course, you can also adjust it from any shape to a regular rectangle to pursue an excellent viewing experience.

Direct Use of USB Drive

V10 can play Microsoft Office/ Adobe PDF /video files directly from the U disk and display them on the projector. Suitable for small meetings, farewell to complicated connections, V10 is apparently more efficient and time-saving!