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The Yaber prodcut - Ace K1 1080p home projector on a desk, with four icon in the right part.

650 ANSI Lumens exceeds the current brightness standard for DLP projectors of the same price on the market. As the brightest projector in the LCD market, matching 1080P FHD resolution, you can get the ultimate visual experience without missing any detail. It also takes cinematic visuals to the next level with incredible color from wide color gamut support. 

Yaber Ace K1 1080p home projector will provide you an immersive audio-visual entertainment experience.
The superiority of Yaber Ace K1 1080p home projector. 650 ANSI Lumens, dust proof function, auto focus and auto keystone, freely zoom, etc.
The auto focus & keystone correction function exhibition.

By adopting the cutting-edge screen self-adaption technology, it can achieve light-speed autofocus & keystone correction in three second without pressing any buttons. Not only is it the first single LCD projector with this function on Amazon in the US, but also your most convenient life companion.

A man is playing game and the game image is projecting by Yaber Ace K1 1080p home projector on the wall.

Compared with other projectors that only support Wi-Fi 5 technology, Ace K1 supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, adapting to the mainstream network environment in the future, providing users with quicker, smoother, stronger signal and lower latency movie viewing experience.

Different size of images projecting by Ace K1 1080p home projector.
Ace K1 1080p home projector internal structure image. Anti black spots, anti burn-in screen.
Ace K1 home projector ports image and different electronics that can connect with Yaber Ace K1

Dustproof fully sealed optical engine, which can effectively prevent black spots and burn-in screen, giving you the most perfect visual presentation experience. It's designed to prevent dust from entering the machine and prolong its service life.


The specifications of Yaber Ace K1 1080p home projector.