Yaber New Release - Pro V7

So excited to announce that Yaber will release a brand new 1080p projector - Pro V7. Check out what's new about this projector compare with other projectors!

We have been listening attentively to the demands of consumers and are committed to developing a projector that can bring you a better audio-visual entertainment experience. Thus, Pro V7 with an innovative 6D automatic keystone correction function will be launched soon. This new function allows you to get rid of the trouble of manual adjustment. No matter which angle the projector moved, it can quickly return to the previous image setting. With 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz WiFi dual-band and high brightness (25% brighter than competitive products), Yaber Pro V7 will provide you a more high-definition watching experience. Yaber hopes that Pro V7 can bring more happiness to everyone.

May 23rd. Release on Japan
June 5th. Release on US
Stay tuned! Other Countries!

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