Yaber World Cup 2022 Giveaway

World Cup Predict and win. Click in and join the activity, win free Yaber projector and Amazon gift cards.
Yaber World Cup 2022 Giveaway Activity Rules. Click in and win  free yaber projectors and Amazon gift cards.

1. Join our Facebook Group: Click Here.
2. Follow the Word Cup schedule and leave your predictions under the activity post of our Facebook Group.
- Round of 16 Prediction: Leave a comment on shortlisted 8 teams ( Draw 2 lucky fans)
- Quarter Finals Prediction: Leave a comment on the shortlisted 4 teams ( Draw 3 lucky fans)
- Final Champion Prediction: Leave a comment on the champion! (Draw one lucky fan from the correct predictions!)

Chances to win Ace K1 and Amazon cards worth $100!

Once the results of the game come out, we'll announce the winner asap in our Facebook Group! Stay tuned!

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