Yaber Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector K300 Wins Prestigious "Yanko Design Best of IFA 2023" Award

Yaber Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector K300 Wins Prestigious "Yanko Design Best of IFA 2023" Award

Yaber, a leader in the entertainment projector industry, is delighted to announce that the Yaber ultra-short throw laser projector K300 has received the prestigious "Yanko Design Best of IFA 2023 Award." This recognition follows the Yaber ultra-short throw laser projector K300's feature in the esteemed design and technology publication, Yanko Design, as part of their "BEST OF IFA 2023: TOP 20 DESIGNS FOR SMARTER LIVING" showcase.


Yanko Design (YD) is an online magazine renowned for its focus on international product design excellence, showcasing a passion for the new, innovative, unique, and undiscovered. The award-winning recognition of the K300 projector by Yanko Design Best of IFA 2023 Award reflects its outstanding performance and design.

The Yaber ultra-short throw laser projector K300 boasts several remarkable features, including:

Ultra-Short Throw Projection Technology: The YABER K300 utilizes ultra-short throw projection technology, eliminating the traditional constraints of long-distance projection. With a minimum projection distance of just 40cm, it allows for a captivating large-screen viewing experience even in limited spaces, breaking free from room size limitations.

Triple Laser Technology: This projector utilizes Triple Laser Technology, which combines red, green and blue laser light sources, which allows for a more accurate projected image and provides users with an immersive visual spectacle.

950 ANSI Lumens & 1080P FHD: Featuring an ultra-high brightness of 950 ANSI Lumens and a 1080P resolution, the K300 ensures clear, vivid, and lifelike projection even in well-lit indoor environments. Say goodbye to concerns about ambient lighting; the K300 offers an exceptional visual experience.

Auto Focus & Keystone Correction: The K300 projector not only features automatic focus, eliminating the need for manual adjustments to achieve a clear projection image, but it also offers automatic keystone correction. This ensures that the projected image maintains its precise geometric shape, regardless of projection angle or wall tilt, enhancing the convenience and precision of projection.

Yaber remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of projection technology, and the Yaber K300 stands as a shining example of the company's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

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