Yaber CES 2023 Invitation

Yaber CES 2023 Invitation

Yaber attends CES 2023 with three signature products: the flagship K2s, the striking Ace K1 and the pocket-size Pico T1

Yaber, the leading entertainment projector brand, unveils the world’s first smart LCD projector: the K2s at CES 2023. Yaber will also exhibit two other newly launched products at the event: the Ace K1 and the Pico T1. 

Next-Generation Home Theater: K2s

For those looking for a smart projector, the K2s shines. Easily project video from your phone with NFC technology, then use Amazon Alexa voice control to adjust volume and settings. Plus, Intelligent Screen Adaption technology automatically takes care of focusing and screen adjustment, giving you the perfect picture every time.

The Yaber K2s projects 800 ANSI Lumens of brightness, enough to enjoy what you’re watching even with background lighting. The built-in independent sound chamber and JBL speakers with DOLBY compatibility cranks out crisp and clear audio whether you're watching movies or gaming. And, with the integrated dongle which gives you access to over 7000 apps, the K2s is one of the smartest, most versatile projectors available.

Projector Paradise: Ace K1

The Ace K1 displays stunning visuals, with 650 ANSI Lumens of brightness complimented by a 1080 FHD resolution image. The 150 inches wide projection area also uses Auto Focus and Auto Keystone technology to correct imagery, further adding to the crystal clear quality. Coupled with the 15W speaker, rich colors and dynamic contrast offerings, the K1 brings whatever you’re watching to life.

The Yaber Ace K1 is built to last too: with a dustproof fully sealed optical engine, dust or particles are prevented from entering the projector, prolonging its lifespan. This means the Ace K1 is the ideal, pocket-friendly projector for everyday use around the home. 

Project Anywhere, Anytime - Pico T1

Yaber gets portable with the Pico T1 - the projector no camping-lover, RV enthusiast or vanlifer should be without. Weighing only 5.3 ounces, the Pico T1 projects an image up to 80 inches wide, making any space a movie theater. The Pico T1 was made for outside the home, but being on the move can mean limited charging opportunities. The Pico T1 is compatible with QC power banks so you can enjoy a movie anywhere anytime.

With the option to plug in and play or connect wirelessly, plus an intuitive touch screen for ease of use, this pocket-rocket packs a punch. Plus, with Vertical Auto Keystone to reduce distortion and 110 ANSI Lumens of brightness, the Pico T1 is both small and mighty. 

You can find the K2s, the Ace K1 and the Pico T1 at Yaber’s CES stand #18979 in Central Hall from the 5th January, and Pepcom on the 4th January.

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