Yaber 2022 Christmas Hat Relay Challenge

Yaber 2022 Christmas Hat Relay Challenge

Here comes the #Yaber Christmas Hat Relay Challenge!πŸŽ…

Christmas is coming soon, Yaber is thinking about send some gifts to our dear customers, so here comes the #YaberChristmasHatRelayChallenge.
Invite your friends to join the challenge on TikTok! Chances to get free Yaber Pico T1 projectors! 🎁

How to participate:

Β Yaber Christmas Hat Relay Challenge, Follow Yaber on TikTio and upload your own tiktik video with tag #YaberChristmasHatRelayChallenge to join our activity, win the chance to get a free projector.
πŸ”—Direct to take the challenge:

Follow Yaber on TikTok: @yaberofficialus

Yaber's video for reference: Click Here

Total 2 winners will be selected on December 28th!

Have a cheerful Christmas with Yaber! πŸŽ„

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