Camping Ideas: Outdoor Movie Night with Yaber Pro V7

Camping Ideas: Outdoor Movie Night with Yaber Pro V7

Check out our new Vlog! Last weekend, we took a vacation at the suburbs. We had a wonderful outdoor movie night with Yaber Pro V7. We recorded everything and shared it in this video with you guys.

We also attach the outdoor movie night item list below for your information.
Our shooting equipment is the iPhone 12, the video is recorded in 1080p video format.
Here is the list of items we prepared:

1. A Pro V7 projector
2. A projector stand
3. A simple projector screen
4. An outdoor power supply for projector, power banks for your phones.
5. Decorative lights and incense, and some gadgets to create a wonderful atmosphere.
6. A foldable table
7. A table cloth
8. Water and drinks, food, tableware, and a backpack with a large enough capacity
9. camping lights
10. A picnic cloth
11. Insect repellent
(You can also prepare more useful items according to your needs)

I have to say that a projector like Pro V7 is a must-have item for an outdoor movie night or camping. You can go out with your friends and have fun at a clear night, watching the starry sky, enjoying the breeze and having delicious food, then sitting on the ground to watch your favorite movies. This is definitely a good way to relax on weekends.

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